My old mans a dustman, he wears a dustmans hat; He shot 10 thousand Germans, so wattcha think of that? He shot one here, he shot one there, he shot one round the corner. Water, water, Water came up last, and wattcha think he did with that? He shoved it up his; Aunty Mary had a canary, she also had a duck, she took it round the corner and taught it how to; Fried eggs for breakfast fried eggs for tea, the more you eat the more you drink the more you wanna; PEEter, Peter, Peter had a boat. The boat began to rock. UP jumped jaws and bit him in the; COCKtail, gingerail 40cents a glass, IF you donít believe me, you can shove it up your; ASk no questions, tell no lies,seen two police-man doing up their; Flys are bad, flees are worse. This is the end of my Dirty little verse.

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