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What's the real deal with manic depression? Thinking about your career? Fancy yourself as an ice-diva? Surf this month's websites and empower yourself with important information.  Why not send in one of your personal faves? or fill out the form at the end of the page, be sure to mention it is a Link!

What is manic depression?
Want to know more about manic depression? It may seem scary, but the good news is that it can be treated and people with manic depression can live a normal life. Check out this site for heaps of information.

Want some career advice?
Don't stress out about life after school, take action. If you want to know more about study, jobs, training, Youth Allowance and heaps more, then these sites are for you.

Go snowboard crazy
Fancy yourself as a snowboarding expert?
Click here for everything you ever wanted to know about snow.

Never Be Bored!
You'll never be stuck for something to do online when you check out this site recommended by Alison from VIC. Old faithfuls like Dancing Hampsters are here as well as online bubble wrap plus loads more. Definately worth a look!

Just Say Wow!
 This web site has heaps of cool pages to send to your friends. Check out the story of the smiley faces they are so cute!
Send them to your friends they will love them too!".

Enter The gurlsRoom
The best bedroom stuff going can be found at Gurl's Room.  Check out all the gurlsRoom booty at their site.

Touched By The Hand of Pacey
Calling all Creek freaks, have we got a story for you! Getting onto the set of Dawson's Creek is normally close to impossible. Once a year, and once a year only, a select group of winners is granted a rare glimpse.
Big Issue: Drugs
Despite the fact that drugs are illegal (and deadly), many teenagers continue to risk their health and their lives. Don't miss this month's "All About Drugs" chat with Robert Bosi from the Ted Noffs Foundation. If you need help or are wanting more information about drug issues, check out this site.

The 40 Hour Famine
It's 40 Hour Famine time again! If you're interested in helping this very worthy cause and can sacrifice some meals, you can get all the details about this year's 40 Hour Famine at World Vision's official site.

Christina Aguilera
It was a pleasure having Christina Aguilera in town recently for her promotional visit, and spills the beans on boys, shopping, rumours and all things Australian during her first visit to our shores. You can check out more on Christina at her official site.

True love is . . .
What's the most romantic thing a boy has ever done for you? Nariscie from NSW recommends this great site for a full compatibility reading. Thanks so much for sending it in, Nariscie. Here's the link!

"I Nearly Killed Myself Drinking"
A few friendly drinks with your buddies? How about unprotected sex, rape, gut-wrenching sickness and a near-death experience? We investigate teen binge drinking and its sometimes lethal effects, including one girls hellish true story of the night she almost lost her life.

Oh No, What Was That Noise?!
Ever been unnerved by things that go bump in the night? Been spooked by a spirit? Experienced a ghostly presence? There is an explanation. Welcome to The Gurl world of weirdness. Whatever you do, don't read this alone.

This'll Spook Ya
Another cool site for those wanting to be spooked is Castle of Spirits. On this site you'll find the best ghost stories, you can take a ghostly tour or submit your own spooky story. Visit if you dare!

Own A Virtual Pet!
 "This site is the greatest--create online pets, feed them, play with them and buy toys for them. when u create a new one, that pet gets its own web page, which you can edit. Signup is free and these NeoPets are so cute! Check it out."
I have one of my own!

Meet Some New Cyberbuddies!
Besquillion of members are on Bolt, a site recommended by Tam. There are loads of boards, chat rooms and people to meet so take a look.
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