Sassy Lipz
 Lip Colour
Red and wine colours rock on lips. Choose a sheer shade to be safe or if you're daring, try solid colour. Reds with yellow or orange–bases suit darker skintones whilst reds with blue–bases suit fairer skins.

 Glossy lips
Gloss is more fashionable than lipstick and you can get away with it at school. So think baby lips – hints of pink and a natural shine. We love Poppy Shine, Blistex Lip Conditioner and Clinique Glosswear.

 Kissable Lips
Chapped lips don't look pretty and aren't nice to kiss, so make sure yours are always smooth and soft by applying lip balm every day. The best ones to soothe dry lips are Blistex, Bonne Bell and Carmex.

 Just The Essentials
Make-up is supposed to be fun, not hard work. Use it to brighten up your face and hide your blemishes, not to disguise your natural features. Blush, concealer and lip gloss are the essentials.

 Luscious Lips
For smooth, lush lips, smear a little lip balm underneath your lipstick or a dab of thick gloss in the centre of your lips. We love pinks and berries for March.

 Gloss Rocks
Gloss rocks, so pucker up with a hint of colour. Lip gloss adds shine and moisture. They're also great for school. If you're fully made up, dab some gloss in the centre of your lips and make them appear bigger.

 Go Gypsy
Gypsy-inspired make-up looks cool on every girl. It means undone-looking hair and natural make-up with dashes of colour. Think aqua eyes, flushed cheeks and berry lips.

 Think Pink!
For summer think pink when it comes to eyes, lips, cheeks and nails. Candy coloured make-up looks cool when it's shiny or sheer. Even chalky colours look sweet on eyes.

 Lip Protection
Lips don't contain melanin, the body's natural sun defence substance, so make sure you wear a lip balm that contains sunscreen like
Bonne Bell Conditioning Lip Gloss SPF30 or Le Tan Lip Balm SPF30+.
 Nude Lips                                                                                                                        
Nude lips are the way to go - there is no need for layer lippie to get glammed up. Stick to a stronger eye and leave the lips bare, and the
best thing is, it looks great on everyone.

 Hot Colours
We're into grey and pink make-up today. Try pink on your nails, lips, cheeks and eyelids, with a smudge of dark grey eyeliner on your lashes, or go all grey on your eyelids, with pink on your lips. Check out the Australis Millennium Eye Shadow palette and nail enamels in Planet and Pink Pluto.

 Cool Crayons
Gotta have Kiss Make-up NYC Biggie Crayons. These three-in-one crayons are great for lips, cheeks or eyes and come in the coolest colours. If you'd like the chance to win a pack of three, enter Short Pieces online.

 Colour Rocks!
Colour rocks this season, so make sure you get into it. Don't go overboard — choose one feature and play it up. Go khaki green, blue, orange or lilac on eyelids, and pink, orange stain or cherry red on lips.

 Glowing Skin
Stay glowing throughout winter with a fake tan. Exfoliate wellbefore you apply, and find a brand that's right for you. Test them on the
back of your hand or arm before smearing it all over. Good brands to tryinclude Clarins, Ella BachT, Estee Lauder and Bonne Bell.

 Moist Lips
Moist, shiny lips are the only way to go this winter. Choose a glossy shade of pink or red and re-apply throughout the day. We love Bonne Bell Lip Lix and Cover Girl LipSlicks LipGloss.

 Dry Lips
Prevent cracked, dry lips in winter by using a moisturising lip balm like Bonne Bell Conditioning Lip Gloss every day. Slick it on underneath or use instead of lipstick.

 Thin Lips
Thin lips? Ditch dark lip shades, paler glossy shades will make your lips look bigger and dab a little gloss or shimmer in the centre of your lower lip.

 Lip Stainer
Stain lips rather than going for full-on gloss or lipstick. Dot a bold shade in the centre of your lips and blend outwards with your fingertips to get a sexy, slightly smudged effect.

 Sun Protected Lips
Choose a lipgloss that contains sunscreen like Bonne Bell Conditioning Lip Gloss SPF30 or Medicated Lip Gloss SPF15. Lips don't contain melanin, the body's natural sun defence substance and the lower lip is a common site for skin cancers.

 Slick Lips
Dark berry shades deliver all the drama of red for girls that don't suit red. Slick it on lips, add it to eyes and blend it on cheeks.

 Pink Is In
Pink rocks this month. Get it on lips and nails. Sheer pale pinks look best on fair skins, neutral, berry and shimmery pinks on medium skin, whilst dark skins suit deep dark pinks.

 Chapped Lips
Lips are prone to cracking chapping as it gets cooler. Make sure they're protected everyday with a smear of Bonne Bell Conditioning Lip Gloss or one of your other faves.

 Protected Lips
Protect your lips this summer. While lipstick and gloss provide some protection nothing beats a proper sunscreen. Slick your lips with sunscreen to avoid annoying cold sores, cracked and burnt lips.

 Red Earth
Our favourite models and actresses have been 'lip glossed'. Red Earth have created 25 luscious lipglosses all named after our fave girls. We love model colours Helena, Christy, Claudia and Kate, and rock star shades Kylie, Crystal and Divina. (Dolly Models, That is!)

 Long-Lasting Lipstick
Make lipstick last longer by first outlining and filling in lips with a lipliner. Use one that's the same colour or a shade lighter than your lipstick. Apply lipstick then blot lips with a tissue before reapplying lipstick.

 Lips That Suit
Make your lipstick work for you. Pale colours make lips appear fuller, so they're ideal for thin lips whilst darker shades will have a slimming effect on fuller lips.

 Red Is In
Red is hot for next season. Wear it on lips, cheeks, eyes and nails. Go for high gloss lipsticks and matte eye and blush shades. Stars leading the red craze include Drew Barrymore, Liv Tyler, Gwyneth Paltrow and Claire Danes.

 Liquid Lips
Liquid Lipstick. The glossiest lip stuff to hit the stores. They go on like lipgloss but last like a lipstick, saving you both time and cash. Three of the best to try are Natio Liquid Lipstick, L'Oreal Rouge Pulp and Maybelline Lip Polish.

Bloom's new chubby Lip Crayons are ideal for packing in your purse or beach bag. The chunky crayons come in six stylish colours - Pout, Peck, Pash, Pucker, Smirk and Smooch. Get yours from Myer/Grace Bros and David Jones stores.

Hollywood's fave make-up brand M.A.C is now available from Grace Bros Sydney City and Myer Melbourne. Every cent from the sale of M.A.C`s Viva Glam lipsticks, $29 each, is donated to an AIDS organisation in the state the lipstick is bought. Stars who love M.A.C include Liv Tyler, Neve Campbell, Kate Winslet, Natalie Imbruglia, Tori Spelling, Mel B, Courtney Cox and Minnie Driver.

 Oily Hair
Hair problems; oily hair. The scalp secretes oil just like the rest of your skin. So if you've got really oily skin or an oily t-zone you may also have an oily scalp. Shampoo it daily with a gentle shampoo.

 Lip Liners
When choosing a lip liner, buy the best you can afford. Cheap ones don't last. And choose a colour that's as close to your usual shade of lipstick as you can. Then you can use the same one all the time.

 Lip Leaver
Lips. If you've played up your eyes, leave your lips bare or just dab on a little gloss. Bright pink lips with bright pink eyeshadow will look totally weird and will take the focus off your fabulously made-up eyes. If you've opted to play up your lips and leave your eyes bare – pink is a hot colour to choose. We love everything from soft, candy pinks to bold, bright fuchsias.

 Beautiful Lips
If you're not into shimmery pastel shades, lip stains and transparent lipsticks are also very cool. They're normal lipstick colours but really sheer, so they make your lips look quite natural while giving them some vibrant colour. Transparent red or berry lipstick with a dab of gloss on top looks wild. Or pink lipstick with a dab of red in the centre. Try staining your lips with beetroot juice (straight from the can) and use gloss on top.

 Kissable Lips
Your lips contain no sebaceous (oil) glands to provide moisture and prevent cracking, so you need to provide moisture for them. Whether you're outdoors or in, always follow these easy tips:

Maintain their moisture balance by protecting them with creams and balms. Bonne Bell's Medicated Lip Gloss is particularly good, and it also contains sunscreen.
Don't peel or pull at the skin if your lips become dry or cracked - you'll damage your lips and leave them open to infection. Instead, apply a little vaseline to an old tooth brush and gently exfoliate them. Treat them to a slick of moisturising lip balm afterwards.

 Lasting Lipstick
Don't you just hate it when your lipstick disappears before you've even got to the party? Keep lipstick on longer with these fail-proof tips:

1. Use a lip brush instead of applying straight from the tube (you'll be able to reach every last drop of your fave colour as well).
2. After putting on your lipstick, blot lips with a tissue and then reapply your lipstick.
3. To avoid lipstick all over your teeth, stick your index finger in your mouth, close your lips and pull your finger out. The excess lipstick will be transferred to your finger.
4. Choose stay-fast or long-lasting lipsticks; Keep in mind that matte lipsticks stay on much longer than moisturising, creamy or glossy ones.

 Perfect Pout
You can have a perfect pout that lasts all night by following these simple tips:

1. When applying foundation and powder, make sure you cover your lips as well. Then grab a lipliner in the same shade as your lipstick and colour your entire lip with it, being extra careful around the lipline. This gives your lip colour something to hold on to.

2. Then grab your glossy lippie and paint it carefully over your mouth with a good quality lipbrush. Blot with a tissue, then reapply. The result: glossy lip that lasts for ages.

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