Change your colour!
Vamp up your image with a new hair colour. Some of the darkest–haired chicks are going blonde – Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie and Victoria Beckham. And if you're fair–haired, different shades of strawberry blonde, ginger and red (prefect for dark–haired girls too) are hot this season.

 Heat damaged hair
Heat–styling tools like blowdryers, curling tongs and crimpers can damage your hair as much as chemicals can. Hair isn't heat–proof, so use moisturising shampoos and styling products that contain silicone to minimise the damage.

 Heat damaged hair
Heat–styling tools like blowdryers, curling tongs and crimpers can damage your hair as much as chemicals can. Hair isn't heat–proof, so use moisturising shampoos and styling products that contain silicone to minimise the damage.

 Growing your hair
Cutting your hair will not make it grow faster. Sure, it will definitely keep it looking healthy by snipping off split ends and damaged hair, but hair grows from the follicle at your roots not the ends. So, if you're growing your locks, limit your trims.
 Shiny healthy hair
For shiny, healthy hair distribute your scalps' natural oils by brushing hair with a pillow brush. Only wash it when it's dirty and concentrate on shampooing your scalp rather than your hair itself.

 Curls are cool
Curls are not un–cool. So love your waves and learn how to enhance your kinks rather than flatten them. Curling tongs, a diffuser on your hairdryer, curl–up styling products, plaits and braids are a few handy tricks to try.

 Dry hair defence
If you've got dry or damaged locks only wash your hair a couple of times a week so you don't strip the natural oils. Use a leave–in conditioner daily and skip the blowdryer or heat–styling tools whenever possible.

 Hide bad hair
Turn bad hair days into 'who's she' looks by doing what the famous chicks do. Don a cool hat, silk head scarf, pair of shades or mess it all up with a texturising product. Go shopping now so you've got the headwear handy when horror hair hits.

 Go for the chop!
Chop off your hair if you dare. Short–cropped hair is making a comeback – think Kate Moss' new pixie–cut, Ashley Judd, Winona Ryder and Kerri Russell – it can work on any hair type.

 Hair Colour
If you're too scared to colour your hair, try using a
colour–enhancing shampoo and conditioner. They'll add rich highlights and extra shine to your natural colour. Try Wella Works, L'Oréal Osmose, Cedel Colour Infusing Shampoo or John Frieda Sheer Blonde.

 Bold boy cuts
Messy boy cuts are the next best thing to long, luscious hair, so if you're comfortable with going short, get a cut that's spiky around the face and longer on top and at the nape of your neck. Give the cut some edge by using waxes and pomades to twist and mess up random bits.

 Waves to stay
Waves are here to stay. Fashion loves the new loose curls, and we love them too, because they don't require much effort, blow-drying time or styling product. So neaten up your kinks by having some layers cut into your hair and make the most of your hair's natural texture.

 Hair Colour accessories
Colours to suit your hair ... baby pink lipsticks and blush look mad on girls with blonde hair. Look for lipsticks in pastel candy-coloured shades and smack them on. Brunettes suit bronzes and deeper berry shades, while sheer reds and rusts look great on girls with black hair.

 Friz control
A can of hairspray is the ultimate weapon against fine fly-away and frizzy hair. Spray it on before you leave the house: it'll keep a cool style in place for hours and leave a long-lasting healthy shine.

 Lusious hair
Keep your growing-out hair in good condition by using leave-in conditioning creams and sprays and cutting down on blow-drying, heat-styling tools and permanent hair colours. Try leave-in conditioners by Alberto VO5, John Freida, Wella, Fudge, Sebastian and L'Oreal. And a hair treatment like Pantene Pro-V Deep Fortifying Treatment would be an ideal once-a-week treat.

 Long locks
Start growing your hair, because long, loose locks are fashion's latest crush. You can do anything with long hair — wear it out, tie it back, tease it up — and even tight curls drop and look straighter when your hair has more weight and length.

 Colour up!
Colour your world by changing your hair colour. Look for wash-in/wash-out products so that you can get used to the change and decide whether you want to keep that shade permanently. Look for Clairol Glintz, Schwarzkopf and Napro LiveColour.

 DIY Beads
Beading still looks cool, so make your own beaded hair accessories at home. Raid local craft stores for ethnic-inspired, colourful or glass beads, and super glue them onto hair combs, headbands, bobby pins and ribbons.

 Sun Protection for your Hair
Your hair needs shelter from the sun. Sunlight dries and fades hair, making it look old and stringy. Protect it with leave-in conditioners that contain UV filters, or tuck it up into a hat. Try Pantene Finishing Spray, L'Oréal Kerastase Solaire or Goldwell Vivecap Screen.

 Sleek and Straight
Stuck on how to part your hair? If you've already tried centre parts, side parts, zigzag parting and diagonal parts, why not try a low side part that falls across your forehead? You may need to blow dry it that way so it's smooth and sleek, but we saw it on the European catwalks and it looked pretty cool.

 Plaits are Back
Plaits, braids, ponytails and twists are all in for hair, but just make sure you do them loose and messy. If it helps, start by doing them tight, then pull out bits and mess it up — laid-back locks are what you want.

 Go Natural
Save time by working with the natural texture of your hair. When you wash it, let it dry naturally and use your fingers to work it into shape with a dollop of styling product.

 Rock Chick is Chic
Rock chick is still the hottest look around, so get into it today. It means teased, tousled, wild hair (dark colours are good if you're thinking about dyeing your locks), dark eye make—up and richly coloured lips

 Hair Brushes For You
Choose the right hair brush. Oval cushion brushes are great for smoothing curly or coarse hair, big round brushes and flat paddle brushes are perfect for blowdrying hair straight while vent brushes are good for
loose wavy styles.

 Cool Pony
Make your school ponytail look cooler by finding some cute baubles to tie your hair back with. Look for ones with coloured balls on the ends, flowers, feathers or beads.

 Go Punk
Punk hairstyles are really cool and that means big hair, vibrant colour, teasing and crimping. Play around with back-combing, bunches (like
two pigtails only boofier), high hair (boof it up at the front), and crimping alternate sections of hair.

 Funky Pony
Funk up your ponytail by giving it some texture. Before tying your hair back either tease it up (that's back-combing), use a crimper, hot sticks, or scrunching to add some body and make it look more interesting.

 Bye Bye Frizz!
Beat the frizzies by using moisturising shampoos and conditioners and once dry, by smoothing through leave-in conditioners, gloss serums or just plain old body moisturiser through your locks.

 The Messy Look
Ditch your combs and brushes this season because messed-up styles and boofy crazy tresses are the coolest looks around. Let your hair dry naturally, spritz in some leave-in conditioner and just finger-comb it through for a sassy style.

 Hip Hair
Getting the right haircut is important. Texture is big; razor cutting, layering and choppy fringes look cool… Think Michelle Williams, Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Aniston. The look is hip, casual and undone, so ask your hairdresser for a style that looks kinda messy but that's easy to do.

 Frizzy Hair
Frizzy hair tips: add moisture to your locks with a moisturising shampoo and conditioner, wash your hair less so that your scalp's natural oils can help control your mane, squeeze dry hair. Don't rub, and smooth down the frizzies when your hair's dry with a flat paddle brush or a dollop of body moisturiser.

 Movie Star Shine
For hair with movie—star shine, use a spray—on gloss, or rub some shine—enhancing pomade between your palms before running them down the length of your locks.

 Add Texture with a Shaggy Long Crop
If you're thinking about getting your hair chopped, go for a shaggy, long crop, or get layers cut into your style to add texture and body.

 Bust Out The Gunk
Bust out the gunk that builds up in your hairbrush by rinsing it in warm water with diluted Dettol every week. Excess dust, grease and styling products in your brush could be the cause of dull, greasy or limp hair.

 Fight The Frizzies
Fight the frizzies with a moisturising shampoo and conditioner, a flat paddle brush and a dollop of body moisturiser. To control your mane, squeeze your hair dry instead of rubbing, and wash it less often to retain your scalp's natural oils.

 Change the colour of your day!
Too scared to get a chop but hate the look of your locks? Try colour. Highlights and chunky foils look cool on all shades of hair. Block colour semi-permanents can also brighten up dull tresses. Visit a hairdresser for a permanent (that grows out), semi-permanent (one that fades out) or get a rinse (six-eight washes) from the supermarket to experiment at home.

 Eating for Healthy Hair
Take care of your hair. Dry, dull hair happens when your diet lacks essential vitamins and minerals. Great hair foods include avocado, nuts, fresh fruits and veggies, tomatoes, egg yolk, cheese and yoghurt and milk.

 Wave Hello
Big waves are in for hair. If your hair is straight set it with big hot rollers and then tease it up with some hairspray. If it's curly, tame it with some frizz-free stuff, turn your head upside down and then tease it up.

 Curl Up!
Make your own curls by twisting sections of damp hair around your finger into little coils and pinning them flat against your scalp with bobby pins. Do this in random sections, spritz on styling product, then blow-dry and unpin for a naturally wavy look.

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