Nail Art
Show your attitude through nail art. It's a cheap beauty buy, easy to paint on and just as quick to remove. Be risky with black, blue or red or soft and pretty with pink, coral or gold. Stick on jewels and water decals or create your own rockin' design with a few funky shades.

 Punky and Funky Nails
Bright is big for nails, so pull out those neon shades and punked-up pink polishes. Decorate them with rhinestones and plastic jewels ó raid your local craft store to find some funky things.

 Fingernail Funk
Show some attitude with your nail polish ó it's a cool and funky way to express yourself. After painting them, stick on water decals and jewels, or paint on flowers and crazy symbols with contrasting coloured nail polish.

 Thrifty Nail Polishes
Re-use your old nail polishes - funk them up by sprinkling loose glitter on wet polish or add a drop of nail enamel remover and shake to
liven up a gluggy polish.

 Miniature Make-Up
Miniature make-up is a great way to save cash and have lots of different colours. Go for the small stuff and change your look as often as you can. Look out for Australis 7 Day Nail Collection and Estée Lauder
Pastel Crayon Set for Lips, Cheeks and Eyes.

 Gorgeous Nails
Apply your nail polish like a pro in three quick strokes. Start at the middle of the nail and then move to either side. Place the brush a millimetre away from your cuticle and re-dip the brush between each nail.

 Hot Nails!
We love nail polish this summer & especially since school's out and you can go as crazy as much as you like. Hot stuff includes glittery polish, hot pinks, bright oranges and offbeat nail decals on a couple of your toes.

 Shiny Happy People
Let's go disco baby, with the latest in body and face glitters. Smooth the stuff on your bod for the night-time party season, on your cheeks, in your hair and on your nails. We love Stuf, Boogaloo roll-on Body Glo, Bonne Bell, Smackers, Cosmic Cheeks and Chi Chi Quick Thick Nail Fix.

 Creamy Pink Polish
If you're not into pink polish go for creamy, shimmery whites. Seen on the fingertips of Julia Roberts and Lisa Kudrow this season, cool frosty white is the way to go. Try Cover Girl NailSlicks in Snow-Flake Frost or Chi Chi Quick Thick Nail Fix on Lo-Cal White Chocolate.

 At Home Manicure
Give yourself an at-home manicure. Start with a file and buff your nails, soak them in soapy water for five minutes, push your cuticles back and finish by massaging in some hand cream.

 Pamper Your Feet
A lush way to spend the evening when you're not with your boy, home pedicures and foot soaks are absolutely divine. Fill a small bucket with warm to hot water and perhaps add some bath salts. Then sit back and plunge your feet in for about fifteen minutes. Scrub each foot separately with a sweet smelling foot scrub or pumice stone. Dry cracked skin can easily be removed once the skin is soft. Work in small circular motions to remove stubborn skin. Finish off by massaging in some creamy moisturiser or foot balm. Your footsies will thank you later.
Best buys: Lush Volcano Foot Mask, Wild Origins Spearmint & Horsetail Foot Milk, Freeman Fresh Herbal Foot Soak and Freeman Pumice and Plum Foot Scrub.

 Polish Those Toes
Toenails look really cool when painted and it sure beats looking at the real thing! Even the ugliest feet ever imagined scrub up pretty well with the right shade and a steady hand. This season we`re into anything funky, glittery or sparkly. There are lots and lots of great polishes on the market these days and itís becoming really hard to choose. Opt for a polish thatís a good size and a good price as well as being a sassy colour. We love Revlon Streetwear Nail Glitters, Australis colours and Kiss Makeup NYC's groovy three-pack nail shades (from Priceline). To dry nails quick before putting on your shoes dunk them in a bucket of ice-cold water or try Manicare's 60 Second Quick Dry Spray or polish.

 Nail Nutrients
Nails are like hair. If you keep them healthy and clean, they'll look better. Nails grow about 1mm each week but this growth can be slowed due to poor diet or illness. Calcium-rich foods like milk, cheese, broccoli and green vegetables are excellent nail foods. So are zinc-rich foods like meat, nuts, eggs, and wholewheat and rye bread. So be sure to include these in your diet.

 Mad Nails
Nails. Colourful nail polish always looks mad. Start by applying a clear base coat so that your polish doesn't stain your nails. Then paint on two coats of your fave shade. Nails take about 10-15 minutes to dry. Quick dry polishes are fast to dry but they start to chip just as quickly.

 Take a Pedicure Break
Give yourself a quickie pedicure during a study break. Soak feet in a bucket of warm water for two minutes, pat dry, file nails straight across and apply a coat of crazy pink nail polish.

 Yellow Nails
If your nails look yellow when you remove your polish it's because you're not using a base coat first. Buy a clear base coat and use it. To get rid of any discolouration dip an old toothbrush in soapy water and lightly scrub them.

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