Silky Skin
 Skin Traits
Girls inherit most of their skin characteristics from their fathers, boys from their mothers.

 Shine-free skin
To keep your face clean and shine-free try a oil blotting tissue - it removes oil but doesn't take off makeup.

 Shine-free skin
To keep your face clean and shine-free try a oil blotting tissue - it removes oil but doesn't take off makeup.

 Oil free
Using the right stuff: if you have oily skin look for "oil-free" and "non-clogging" on treatment, makeup and sun product labels. Resist the temptation to camouflage blemishes with heavy makeup bases. Stick to oil-free, oil-absorbing foundations. Instead of spot-covering with concealers, which can clog, dab on a product designed to treat the blemish.

 Oily skin
Some 40% of the world has oily skin and the shine that goes with it. If you have oily skin avoid oil-based foundations, creamy blushers; greasy sun blocks that make for more shine, clogging and breakout.

Are chocolate and greasy foods to blame for your breakout? Chocolate and other high-fat foods - cheese, ice-cream, nuts, fries - can contribute to increased oiliness. Generally, the lower your fat intake, the better for your skin and health.

 Fake tan
Is there such a thing as a "safe" tan? There is no such thing as a safe tan but you can tan smarter by starting with a high SPF level. Or cheat: Get a "tan" with no sun at all by using a self-tanning product.

 Sun Protection
What's important for great looking skin? Sun protection is 100 times more important than anything else you can do for skin, doctors say - especially for teens because young skin is even more susceptible to sun damage than older skins. In most cases 80% of sun damage occurs before age 20 (although it shows up later in life).
 Clear skin
Ways to keep skin clear and great-looking? Keep hair clean and off your face because oil hair can trigger acne on foreheads. Ditto for hands because they can carry germs. No picking or squeezing - it can lead to infection; apply a product like Clinique's Anti-Blemish Solutions Spot Treatment Gel instead.

 Skin essentials
What's crucial for teenage skin? A facial soap to remove oil and dirt; an exfoliator to keep excess oil under control and pores unplugged; a moisturizer on dry areas only.

Blackheads are a combination of sebum, dead cells and melanin pigment. For emergency removals try pore strips but to reduce their existence, use skincare products that contain retinoic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Get them from pharmacies.

 Sun Alert
Every minute spent outdoors brings sun in touch with skin. Sun exposure, mild or intense, has a cumulative effect that puts your skin at risk - protect skin with a sun block.

 Hairy upper lip
Get rid of dodgy upper–lip hair by waxing or using a depilatory cream – both will result in the same re–growth and leave you moustache–free for weeks. Bleach it if you've got fair skin but never try to shave it off.

 Skin care basics
The better we look, the better we feel. That's why a skincare programme is important: Cleanse skin thoroughly to leave skin feeling fresh, clean, comfortable; exfoliate to de-flake skin, let moisturizer work better, help keep skin clear; moisturize wherever skin feels dry.

 Banish breakouts!
Two weapons to conquer the occasional breakout: Clinique's Anti-Blemish Solutions Spot Treatment Gel and Concealing Cream.

 Thirsty Skin
Thirsty skin loves a moisturizer - the correct one for your skin-type. Remember to hydrate from the inside, too: 6-8 glasses of water a day to help skin stay comfortable.

 Protect your skin
Skin is at it's best when it's both perfected and protected. A foundation and sun protection under the foundation shields skin from sun as it evens skin tone and texture.

 Pimpes rule!
Pimple rule: don't squeeze or dig into them with sharp objects like fingernails or safety pins as the blemish might rupture underneath the skin, cause an infection and more zits. Wash your hands before touching or cleansing your face, and always keep your hands and hair away from your face.

 Blushing beauty
Steer clear of powder blush if you have oily skin because grease tends to change the colour of powder. Go for rosy cheek stains, gel or cream blush instead. Try Stila, Clinique or Revlon.

 Pore reviver
Pore strips are for removing blackheads, not raised pimples, so make sure you know the difference. They're perfect for girls who get occasional spots and blackheads on their nose, but not suitable for girls with more severe acne.

 Scrub up
Face scrubs and pore strips aggravate acne-prone skin, so use a deep-cleansing mask instead when you want to dislodge dirt and dead skin cells, soak up grease and refine your pores.

 Oil slick
Gel cleansers or creamy cleansers that rinse off with water are the best products to use on oily or acne-prone skin. Pick one in your price range and religiously cleanse morning and night. Invest in a make-up remover for your eye area.

 Face up
Accessorising your face and body is the key to looking cool. Here are a few ideas: colourful eye shadow with cool drop earrings or a headscarf, nail art, leather or suede twists through hair, shimmer on brow bone and cheekbones, super glossy lips in two shades, crimping or random curls.

 Blush away
The quickest way to add some colour to your face is with blush. Buy yourself a cream blush and smear it on your eyelids and cheeks. The trick is to apply it on your cheekbones and make sure you blend in well.

 Miracle cures
Don't waste cash on expensive cellulite creams — there is no miracle cure. If you have a body part that you obsess over, pay it some attention with rich moisturising creams and massage, exercise and watch what you eat, then move on to things you can do something about.

 Spot blot
Camouflage your spots with a concealer or thicker foundation that's the same colour as your face. Dab it directly onto the spot with a cotton tip and blend it in around the edges.

 Glittery Nails
We're over glitter on faces but we love it on nails. Turn your old polishes into something new by sprinkling loose glitter on top or by using a glitter polish over your fave shade.

 Pink Healthy Glow
Pink cheeks will make you look healthy and happy (even when you don't feel it!). Find a shade that suits your skin tone and swirl it onto the apples of your cheeks and down your nose.

 Sun-Kissed Skin
Bronzer can liven up your face and make you look sun-kissed right through winter. The trick is to find a brand that's a few shades darker than your natural colour and to swirl it on with the biggest brush you can find.

 Funky Nails
Nail polish is an easy way to funk up your look. Look for bold, bright shades that reflect your personality. We love vibrant greens, aqua, gold, black and hot berries. Brands to buy under $15 include Stuf, Bourjois, Australis and Cover Girl.

 Make Your Body Glow
Make the skin on your body glow by using a body scrub twice a week. It'll take off the top layer of dry, scaly skin cells and buff the rest up so it's nice and smooth. Affordable brands include Freeman, the Body Collection, Sanctum and Sugar Baby.

 Best Brands
Get 'rich gal' looks on a budget - shop for make-up in chemists and discount department stores. Good quality brands which are also affordable include Cover Girl, Maybelline, Bourjois, Red Earth and Kiss Make-up NYC.

 Shopping for Foundation
Always shop for foundation in a department store where you can test it out on your face in front of a mirror. Even though the products are more expensive, they'll save you from wasting cash on foundation that isn't the right colour for your face.

 Save Money, Buy Essentials
If you're just starting to buy make-up, the key items you'll need are an oil-free foundation, cream blush that can be used on eyelids too, mascara, one or two bright eye shadows and a lippy of your choice.

 Colour is in!
Colourful make-up sends the message that you're playful, outgoing and fun, so start wearing it now! We love yellow, blue, pink and mauve. Smear it on your eyelids and give your lashes a coat of mascara.

 Zit Irritation
Too much scrubbing and cleansing can irritate your skin and cause even more zits. To minimise irritation, cleanse, tone and moisturise only twice a day. Dab zit cream on your spots and only use a scrub or mask once a week.

 Too Shiny
Prevent shiny skin by wearing a moisturiser that contains a mattifier, or by blotting your face throughout the day with oil-blotting papers. Try Clean and Clear Oil Control Film, Oil Control Powder and Oil Balancing Lotion.

 Skin Care for You
Good skincare is about finding out what works for you — it's trial and error. Try different products to decide whether they work or not. If you start getting spots or a rash in the first few weeks, switch to another product.

 Lush Blush
Learn how to wear blush because it's not going out of fashion. Overseas fashion shows featured strong, noticeably blushed cheeks and they looked amazing. Whether you prefer powder or cream blush, it's the one thing you've got to have

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