Shy Guyz/Guy Budz
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Shy Guys
Hey I am 16 years old and a shy guy. All the cool girls go for the jerks who are going to cheat on them anyway. How can I get noticed?
Let me ask you why you say all the cool girls go out with jerks? What about all the cool shy girls who are waiting to be noticed by cool shy guys like you? Don't worry--lots of guys are shy. But not all shy guys get to meet a great girl who'll see beyond the bashful smiles and blushing cheeks.
 A strong, silent guy is often terrific best friend material. He's not a show-off and tends to have interesting hobbies that take lots of quiet focus--like being a computer whiz. So stick to being a strong, silent type of guy and you'll get noticed by all girls (shy or outgoing) by handing out a smile and saying hi first. That's all you have to and say hi; the girls will do the rest if they think you are interested.
Don't rule out the shy girls-- they may actually appreciate you more than the popular girls will.

- Cheryl G., MS, Licensed Professional Counselor

Guys As Buds

I'm 15 years old and every time I break up with a boy, we end up hating each other. I don't like loosing my guy friends to breakups. What can I do?

 Why not stop dating for now and re-establish your relationships with your guy friends, but this time as buds only. Sometimes it's better to save yourself the heartache and have guys as friends until the right one comes along. Get to know them first when they're hanging with you and their friends.
You'll get the inside scoop on what's happening in your school and have your need of belonging fulfilled by your buds. Why have one boyfriend when you can have five boy buddies? For now, lay low and just have guy friends. You'll start to feel better about this whole dating thing in time.

-Cheryl G., MS, Licensed Professional Counselor