Hey guys! Heres some pics of my adorable little pals :) hehehe!

What can  I say?  

HOT! = Steve

*hugz n kissez!!!!!*

yummy yum-yumz.

This  is Ryan (Steves cousin) Isnt he a CUTIE!!! *Pinches cheeks!*
As You can see, this little cutie didnt want me to take the photo :) hehehe
*hugz n kissez!!*
This is one of my bestest best friends. Isnt she the cutest? Excuse the hair, she didnt know i was bringing my cam over to her house! Oops! :)
Shes my second mum (really protective!) *HUGZ*
This is Timmy. He doesnt look as good as he is in this. But DAMN hes a hot one. Whats that? a goatie? hmm. he doesnt have one anymore!
*hugz n kissez!*
My Car!
My cousins Russell N Tiffy about 2 years..... or maybe 3 years ago!
My Friend Tony and his girl Rosa.
My cousin Baby Joe! (About one week ago! )