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  Hi. My  name is Serah, 
I’m 12 years old, and I have long brown hair and big brown eyes.
I live with my mother and father in the bush (In Australia).
 I love horses and riding them. I have no brothers or sisters,
 although when I was small, I had a twin sister. 
She looked just, like, Me. 
Then the horrible day came, when we were three months of age,
 we were all asleep,then the house caught on fire,
 luckily, my mother took me out of my cot, and out onto the front porch,
 into the safety of my fathers hands. But was unable to save Hannah.
Amazingly I can still remember her screaming, screaming,
then NOTHING!!
We lost every thing including my sister, Hannah.
This is My horse, Strider.
 She is the best horse in the whole world!
Early every morning I ride her up along the river and back.
As I ride, I see kangaroos, wombats, kookaburras and sometimes 
I even see eagles and snakes.
And when I ride along listening to the magpies chortle, 
I smell the morning dew rising off the eucalyptus
 and feel the morning sun on my back. 
Oh, this is my dog Penny, she is a blue-heeler.


Today Strider and I are going a little further,
 across the river over the hill,
 to where the cows get milked.  Half way up another hill,
 "whoa! well here we are Strider,
 where Aunt Lee milks her cows", I said to her,
 "Want to see her new pony?"
"grr-uunnt!" replied Strider,
 "OK, I guess that means "Yes"
As  we moved on, I could see the cows
 from a distance with their heads down, 
and  bigger figure?, "oh, yes look there’s the pony".
As we reached the bottom, a snake slithered cross the path! 
"nnn-aa-hhh!?" neighed Strider as she stood up on two legs
 and I flew off, OOMF ! 
The next morning I woke up with a terrible head-ache, 
and my mum looking very worried at me,
"the doctor said you will be all right," "what happened ?"
"Remember, you fell off the horse"
"HMMMM I’m hungry!" 
"What would you like to eat?" 
"I don’t know, anything!"

When I felt better, I took Penny for a walk to the creek,
then I saw a mysterious horse she had black fur, 
a white stripe down the front of her face, a crown?
 Yes it is a crown. 
I looked at my dog, but by the time I looked up again
 and she was gone!?,
Penny and I ran home as fast as we could, to mother at home,
and told her all about it, and then I felt something licking my face?!?!?
I woke up and realized the mysterious horse with the crown,
 was all just a  day-dream. 
I stood up leant against my bedroom wall,
 ‘I wonder if mother will take me to town………. ?’
 I took my back-pack and put on my warm woolly gown....
 "Mum can we go into town?" I asked, "After I do my washing."
 she said with an impatient tone in her voice, 
Penny barked, "are you hungry girl?"
 I said to my slow witted canine companion. 
"ready?" said mother. "I’m coming," I answered.


 I jumped onto Striders back as 
my mother was still saddling up her creamy colored horse, Vanessa,
 "Ready mum?" "Yes I’m ready." She answered.
 We galloped across the river and over a rough tracked mountain. 
Until we reached the major roads. 
The roads are rocky, dusty and sometimes muddy.
 As we followed the road, a neighbor trotted by
 on his pure black horse.
 "Howdy gals" "OH hello Mr. Sheffield " we said to him.
 He lives about 500km from us, up towards the High Mountains.
 As we reached town, a few people came over to talk to us,
 as we don’t go into town very often. 
"Hello, how are you?’ said a beautiful lady 
with long golden hair that reached her lower back,
 with a face of cheerful blue eyes and a pink nose.
 "I’m fine, Thank you. And how are you miss?" 
"I feel great, thanks." 


 The sun was half way down by now and I could hear the birds cry out
 as the last bit of bright day light was swallowed up
 and turned to twilight.
 We tied up our horses beside a water trough, 
and went inside a near-by hotel (or motel if you prefer)……..
 and asked the barman if we could have a two room apartment
 on the second floor.(it has a breath taking view.)
 The next morning I got up to check on my horse,
 and to get some fresh morning air.
 But Strider was gone! 
I jumped on Vanessa and headed strait for the paddock
 Strider loves best. 
It is a couple of miles away, but if she galloped, 
it would of only taken up a small part of Strider’s time,
 but with Vanessa it will take quite a while longer.


 As we reached the ‘sacred yet secret’, place 
I could see Strider grazing in the paddock
 which she was borne out into the world by a beautiful mare,
 with a long creamy mane and a silver coat.
 I then rode up to Strider,
 disturbing her grazing on the bright green grass.
 I got off Vanessa,and resaddled Striders saddle which had come undone
 in the long rushed journey to her unforgotten,
 secret, sacred, paddock which has an unusual scenery,
 with a creek that leads to a river which leads to a cliff which turns into a water-fall,
 the only major water-fall not marked on the map. 
I jumped onto her back and started back for town, with Vanessa struggling behind us.

   more comming soon. :)

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